Capital Group
Design and installation of decorative windows films for office partitions.

Mix of printed window films, custom die cut, with conceptual trees design. The patterns can ‘loop’ for aesthetic, and add privacy to the rooms, looking nice and effective in all lights conditions.

Gradient decorative films patterns, custom die cut, to preserve luminosity in light wells while adding privacy.

The Capital Group Companies is one of the three biggest pension funds manager worldwide.

In collaboration with CBRE, the Geneva based architects firm ASS Architects and London interior designer M Moser Associates, we’ve been asked to find solutions to enhance the large glass areas of Capital Group new headquarters.

We worked closely with Allyn Dorey to match the design concept he initiated, and proposed a combination of printed decorative films and cut trees patterns. This has allowed us to respect the color palette of the interior design, install patterns that can ‘loop’, and keep the maximum light in the rooms while adding some privacy.

We also installed gradient lines on light wells, to preserve luminosity and maintain privacy. Simpla.

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