ICC Geneva
Complex office building refreshment

Solar Window Films

High technology solar films combine aesthetic, energy efficiency and comfort.

Architectural finishes on walls

Our Architectural Finishes can be applied to various surfaces and materials, allowing infinite creativity.

Architectural finishes on curved surfaces

Our Architectural Finishes are flexible and can be applied on complex surfaces.

Printed films

We can print any design on a large choice of bases, opaque, transparent, reflective, frosted, etc..

The ICC business center offers a total surface area of 69’000 m², including 37’000 m² of office space – from entire floors for big international companies, to small offices adapted to various needs.

When it came to renovate the entire public areas, our covering solutions were indisputably the most efficient way to go: not only our dark-grey textured finish looks amazing in the new interior design concept, but it was installed with almost no disturbance, no dust and no smell.

Where metal, concrete and marble were challenging conventional installation options, our lightweight, flexible films has been installed to fulfill previously impossible design intents, reducing landfill impact, lowering project costs and minimizing operational down-time.

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